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Anatomy/Regional/Positioning Topic Exam

The Anatomy/Regional/Positioning Topic Exam is a 75-question board-like exam with questions directed to aspects of anatomy and physiology as related to patient management and the use of regional anesthesia. Question material covers:

  • Laryngeal anatomy & physiology
  • Dermatomes and major landmarks
  • Sensory and motor innervation of the larynx
  • Cranial nerve anatomy and function
  • Physiology and complications of patient positioning
  • Cardiovascular and respiratory reflex responses
  • Renal anatomy and physiology
  • Anatomy and function of major nerve plexuses
  • Cerebral anatomy
  • Anatomy and function of the ANS
  • Cardiopulmonary anatomy and function
  • Anatomy for major nerve blocks
  • Anatomy and vascular supply of major organ systems
  • Anatomy and perfusion of the spinal cord
  • Anatomic considerations of invasive monitoring
  • Fetal anatomy and circulation
  • Advantages & disadvantages of patient positioning devices
  • Anatomy & pathophysiology of obesity


The Topic Exams follow the format described in the Candidate Handbook. You may take as long as you wish for each question, but you may not skip a question. The Topic Exams offer an excellent method of selectively reviewing specialized topics in anesthesia, whether in preparation for course exams or the certification exam. In addition, the Topic Exams offer valuable experience in computerized test taking.

Following completion of a Topic Exam, you will receive a raw score, the time it took to complete the exam, and a list of all your correct and incorrect responses.

All answers to the Topic Exam questions are fully explained and referenced so you may further explore areas of interest or increase your knowledge in areas of academic weakness. You will have access to the referenced answers for not less than 28 days after completing the exam.

Prior to purchasing any of the Practice Exams or Topic Exams, we strongly encourage you to visit our Frequently Asked Questions page, which offers answers to our most commonly asked questions as well as important information on system requirements, the operation of the exam and tips to recover should you encounter difficulties with your internet connection.

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