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SEE Prep Package

The SEE Prep Package is specifically designed to prepare the SRNA for the exam content on the SEE, as described in the SEE Student Handbook, published by the NBCRNA. The package contains the Equipment/Monitoring, Anatomy/Regional/Positioning, Pharmacology, Professional Aspects and  OB/Peds Topic-Specific Exams. This package offers a total of 425 SEE-like questions.

The Exams are intended to offer hands-on experience with SEE-like exam taking. Similar to the proposed question format changes for the SEE, the Exams have multiple choice, multiple correct response, calculation, hotspot and drag-and-drop questions. The questions appear individually in the testing window. You may take as long as you wish for each question, but you cannot go back to a question once an answer has been entered. You will advance to the next question by entering an answer, but you cannot leave a question unanswered.

The See Prep Exams follow the guidelines described in the SEE Student Handbook, including the upcoming new alternative question formats. The SEE Exams comply with the current NBCRNA content and contain exam questions covering Equipment/Monitoring; Anatomy, Physiology and Pathophysiology; Pharmacology; Basic and Advanced Principles; Pediatric and Obstetrical Anatomy, Physiology, Pathophysiology and Anesthetic Management; Patient Positioning; and Regional Anesthesia.

Following completion of an each Exam, you will receive a raw score, and the time it took to complete the exam a as well as a complete listing of questions answered both correctly and incorrectly.

All answers to the Exam questions are fully explained and referenced so you may further explore areas of interest or increase your knowledge in areas of academic weakness. You will have access to the referenced answers for not less than 28 days after completing the exam. We are always happy to extend this review time upon request.

Prior to purchasing any of the Practice Exams or Topic-Specific Exams, we strongly encourage you to visit our Frequently Asked Questions page, which offers answers to our most commonly asked questions as well as important information on system requirements, the operation of the exam and tips to recover should you encounter difficulties with your internet connection.

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